Halloween Day

The God of Death | Halloween Day

They believed that the god of death, Shamhain, allowed the dead to return to Earth by night only for Halloween Day, to visit their families. The Celts disguised themselves in horrible costumes, and they walked together, to be with the spirits.

They also believed that wearing these costumes, should help them feel more comfortable with the spirits. When the souls came to the homes, if they did not make a treat (deal) with them, they would do some trick or mischief. Hence, the famous saying that children say to ask for candies: “Trick or Treat”.

Halloween Day (contraction of All Hallows’ Eve), also known as Night of the Dead or Witches’ Night, is celebrated internationally on the night of October 31, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries such as Canada, the United States, Ireland or the United Kingdom, but which has spread to a wider extent in the rest of the world, due to globalization.

Origin of the Canticle | Halloween Day

Originally, the Trick-or-treat was a popular legend of Celtic origin (mentioned above). According to this, not only the spirits of the deceased were free to wander the Earth by night on Halloween Day, but all sorts of entities from all spiritual realms. Among them, there was a terribly malevolent one, who wandered through towns and villages, going from house to house, asking precisely for a trick or treat.